PA1. My environment

  • Why did I chose this place?
    I chose this place because I consider it as an important meeting point in University, and I always pass by, and I take the opportunity to take some sun, smoke a cigarette have coffee or meet my friends.
  • What makes you feel at ease?
    I like to see people pass by, makes me feel like an observer.
  • Is there any disruptive element?
    The lack of shadow.
  • Would I feel the same way in another place right now?
    Maybe yes, there are lot of places that make me feel this same way in university.
  • Do you think this place’s conditions influence on it’s users? How?
    Definitely, The cafe is always crowded, because it’s fresh, and outside it is way hotter because of the sunshine and lack of shadow spots.
  • Would you change anything about this place?
    I would probably build a pergola above it.